Collaboration between Students

Collaborative Peers

Interpersonal interactions in an academic institutional setting is naturally best applied between students. Here in HKSS, working with other students on homework assignments, research, or other ideas is a common occurence for a multitude of reasons.

First, language barriers are often dissolved by the dominant use of Cantonese; using non-native languages on engaging and challenging problems could further constrain technical communication between students, and HKSS provides a remedy for the issue.

Second, students often find themselves seeking help from others of the same area of expertise when solving intellectual problems. While this often suffices, bigger picture problems may also be solved in alternative, and potentially more effective ways with others whom may possess a difference in through process due to different academic training. Here in HKSS, students of all disciplines form countless interactions, many of which are impossible in the classroom since classroom settings often preselect from students of the same discipline.

Furthermore, the social aspect of HKSS is a motivator for work to be done. Students often find theirselves free from the frustrating isolation they would otherwise face while working alone. Working with other HKSS individuals might not neccesarily provide tangible utility, but the impression of being beside ones who are often associated as being partners in a social setting definitely keeps one's sanity and focus on the rewards over the frustrating MIT workload.