Constitution for HKSSMIT

(The Hong Kong Student Society of Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

This document was prepared and signed by the following people:

Chan, David Chan, Richard
Chue, Randy Ho, Mimi
Or, George Poon, Peter
Tsao, Lulu Tsang, Willie
Wong, Kenneth Wong, Philip

As of 10/24/2015, this document was ammended and signed by the following people:

Lai, Lawrence Wong, Alice
Chan, Godine Cheung, Wang Chi
Lai, Angus

1. Name:

The official name of this activity group is the Hong Kong Student Society of MIT, or HKSSMIT for short; also known as The MIT Hong Kong Student Society .

2. Principle:

HKSSMIT is a non-profit organization. Our main objective is to provide a communication network for members and those interested in the HKSSMIT. We emphasize Hong Kong culture and related aspects in our activities.

3. Official Language:

The official spoken language in the HKSSMIT is English, despite the common occurrence of Cantonese within our organization.

4. Membership:

Any person who wishes to become an HKSSMIT member must have his/her intention be acknowledged by one of the officers (section 6). Any member is permitted to leave HKSSMIT at any time. Should extreme circumstances take place, any member of HKSSMIT, including any officer, may be voted to leave HKSSMIT after discussion during a general/election; the voting rule should only be cited to protect this organization from repeatedly disruptive HKSSMIT members, as opposed to settling personal conflict.

5. Voting Rights:

Only current HKSSMIT members who satisfy at least one of the following criteria have the privilege to vote:

    (a) A member of the MIT Community who was born, or have studied in Hong Kong.a. A member of the MIT Community who has taken part in at least two HKSS events or activities within the last two months.
    (b) A member of the MIT Community who have had one or more full years of membership.

6. Officer Positions:

A committee of six elected members will constitute the Hong Kong Student Society’s officers, also known as directors. The function of this committee is to support the principle objectives of HKSSMIT, as stated in section 2. The officers will coordinate, and oversee all activities in the HKSSMIT.

The following are a list of the officer positions, and their associated responsibilities:


The president shall be responsible for:

    (a) Moderating the responsibilities of all other officers.
    (b) Maintain connection of HKSSMIT and its respective affiliates, such as other student organizations or corporations.
    (c) Making announcements for important affairs during all events and activities.
    (d) Ensure all actions taken do not violate the HKSSMIT constitution.


The treasurer shall be responsible for:

    (a) All monetary transactions of the HKSSMIT.
    (b) Keep an account of all receipts and disbursements.
    (c) Present financial reports as requested by the officers, and at the end of his/her term in the officer.
    (d) Oversee the budgets of all activities of HKSSMIT.

Vice President

The vice president shall be responsible for:

    (a) Maintaining connection of HKSSMIT and its respective affiliates, as well as form new ones working under co-operation with the president.
    (b) Publicity of the organization, including distribution of flyers, posters, and maintaining the organization’s Website


The administrator, also known as the secretary, shall be responsible for:

    (a) Responsible for taking minutes at meetings
    (b) Be responsible for a membership list.

Event Coordinators (2)

The two event coordinators of the officer shall be responsible for:

    (a) Planning of events and activities for HKSSMIT.
    (b) Develop the yearly budget in advance of all events, in co-operation with the treasurer.

While all officers have distinct responsibilities, all officers are expected to lend help to one and another during a time of need. Likewise, all other responsibilities not listed in the constitution are to be shared jointly by all officers.

The officers must be distinct persons, the President and Treasurer must be MIT students, and be occupied in the office at all times.

7. General Meetings:

The following are guidelines pertaining to general election meetings:

    (a) Open to all persons affiliated to MIT
    (b) Must be called by the officers
    (c) The decisions made during a general meeting shall override any corresponding decisions made by the officers.
    (d) A quorum (section 8) must be reached before any decision can be made on any issue.
    (e) Members should receive notification of a general meeting at least one week before the date of the meeting, and the officers must notify all HKSSMIT members of a general meeting one week in advance.
    (f) The officers must call a general meeting within two weeks upon receiving a petition signed by at least 40% of all voting members currently registered at MIT. The petition may be signed by any HKSSMIT member.

8. Elections and Quorum:

During a general/election meeting, all ballots received will be counted to ward the accumulation of a quorum, which is over 50% of voting members currently registered at MIT. Provided that the quorum has been reached, which ever affirmative vote outnumbering the opposition will decide the issue. The number of voting members who are present during the meeting but who waive their rights by not casting a ballot will not be counted to ward the quorum.

The annual election will be held in mid to late September, no later than September 30th. The Newly elected officers will assume responsibilities immediately.

9. Resignation:

An officer who wishes to resign must submit a letter of resignation to the rest of the office. The resignation shall take effect in two weeks after the submission of the letter, or as soon as a substitute is found, whichever occurs first. Upon receipt of the resignation notice, the office must immediately notify all HKSSMIT members of such a vacancy, and start accepting nominations to fulfill the post. Nominations must be received within ten days of the announcement. An officer meeting will be held on the fourteenth day after the submission of the resignation letter, to determine a substitute. Each candidate may present himself/herself at the meeting. The remaining officers will vote under unanimous ballots and the candidate carrying a simple majority will be named as the new officer at the end of that meeting.

10. Impeachment:

Impeachment of an officer must be voted on in a general meeting.

11. Amendments:

Amendments to the Constitution of HKSSMIT have to be agreed by at least 2/3 of the total voting members in order to be passed. Mail ballots will be accepted on a decision concerning an amendment. Mail ballots should not be allowed to alter the amendment of mail balloting.

12. ASA Governance Clause:

The HKSSMIT agrees to abide by the rules and reuglations of the Association of Student Activities and its executive board. This constitution, ammendments to it, and the by-laws of this organization shall be subject to review by the ASA Executive Board to ensure that they are in accordance with the aforementioned rules and regulations.