A Cultural Platform


In a diverse community of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, it is common amongst students to relish the chance of meeting others from different backgrounds, and adapt different cultures.

As this process take places, however, students associated to Hong Kong will naturally also seek their own means of promoting their culture towards their fellow students. The Hong Kong Student Society creates a platform for enthusiasts of Hong Kong culture to gather and exchange ideas.

Hong Kong

Through displaying our unique culture, engaging in academic collaborations, and acting as a collective entity for career and competetive opportunities, students often find themselves forming symbiotic relationships that would have otherwise been impossible due to the organization.

Through grouping together students that are from Hong Kong, as well as welcoming those who carry particular interest in Hong Kong culture, we encompass the atmosphere that is geographically over ten thousand miles away.

For those who would like to find out more about us, be sure to visit the various pages of our website, and feel free to contact our officers through hkssmit@mit.edu.