Collaboration between Organizations

Engagement with Other Organizations

Much of the theme of the MIT Hong Kong Student Society is to promote our own culture. This by no means exempts us from embracing other cultures and organizations. In fact, working with other student organizations educates our own regarding collaborative work in large scale partnerships, and is generally treated as both an educational and social experience.

Hong Kong itself is a hybrid of many different fashions and climates; from the traditional Eastern festives to the more recently celebrated western holidays, HKSS is potent with adaptability to work with organizations of different natures.

Our work with other student organizations are scarce at the moment, and limited to other Asian cultural groups, as well as the Hong Kong Student Society of Harvard University. Should there be any interested individuals who would like to collaborate on activities such as Dim Sum, study socials, or even in major events, please be sure to

Collaborating Organizations

The Harvard Hong Kong Society is dedicated to promoting unique aspects of Hong Kong culture and society and bringing together all students who are interested in Hong Kong at Harvard. We are an active and friendly community on the Harvard campus. Our events include study breaks, hotpot nights, mahjong nights, and karaoke nights. We also organize outings to Chinatown for dimsum and community work. We comprise of students either affiliated with or interested in Hong Kong or Guangdong. We have many Cantonese speakers amongst us, but welcome all.