Collaboration with Corporations

Manufacturing Opportunities

It is an extremely common occurence for our officers to receive e-mails from corporations for a mutual opportunity. On one hand, corporations gain access from us the talented individuals, casted by the strong mathematical and business educational background of Hong Kong. Through this exchange, our students naturally gain a chance at many of the prestigious career opportunities that corporations may provide.

Companies that seek us include but are not limited to investment firms such as Barclays and Morgan Stanley, firms native to Hong Kong such as Cathay Pacific, and the Hong Kong government.

The MIT Hong Kong Student Society acts as a point of contact and platform for corporations and external organizations to reach the MIT students from Hong Kong as a whole; this further extends the function of HKSSMIT as an organization for opportunities.

Should there be any corporations or government agencies willing to collaborate with us for producing opportunities for students or for generating mutual publicity, please contact our officers Any organizations willing to donate to HKSSMIT are sure to deserve feature articles and web real estate on our HKSS website.

Corporate Sponsors

HKSSMIT is sponsored by, dedicated towards the preparation of LSAT for potential candidates that carry an interest in Law School, and emphasizes on affordable methods to level the playing field for those who are less fortunate and couldn't hire $150/hr tutors or take a $1000 LSAT prep course.

HKSSMIT is sponsored by StudySoup. StudySoup was started by a group of college students to help their classmates succeed in class by getting the lecture notes and study guides they need. StudySoup work with top notetakers that make $500+ per month by simply posting lecture notes; over half-a-million college students who StudySoup today.