United with Schools of Boston

By Lawrence Lai

HKSS’s first collaboration of the year goes to the Harvard Hong Kong Society mixer, named after Lan Kwai Fong, the night district of Hong Kong.

While the atmosphere is vastly different from what it actually is in Hong Kong, participants of Hong Kong background, as well as others, blend quite well. I have personally gotten many new names and phone numbers, and I believe that was the running theme of the night.

It was a spectacular event done by the HHKS; great turnout, good social experience, intercultural, and most importantly fun. I’d most likely be setting my goals into doing something similarly exceptional, and work my way up in making HKSS-MIT the social platform that I’d like it to be.

There was also an after party later in the night, where individuals from Harvard and MIT were actually living the Lan Kwai Fong life in Harvard Square. We are taking steps towards the intrinsic bonding of our organization; it’s not the food that brought us together in our night lives, but the fact that we share a bond, a culture.