Events Back to Back

By Lawrence Lai

A month ago Alice and I were discussing whether if we should do a Karaoke night or a Dim Sum run to showcase some Hong Kong culture. Our final solution was, why not do both.

And we did.

And it was also very successful.

Each event had a count of roughly fifteen attendees, each with a slightly different roster. This is to show that our organization's dwindling size might have been saved. It also implies that there are many that find these urban activities of Hong Kong a good allocation of time over weekends.

During the night of Karaoke, some suited themselves to singing, others enjoyed the board games a little better. HKSS is proud to ohave provided the means for an intimate social environment such as this, especially in the absense of food, people had not hesitated in showing up.

As for the Dim Sum brunch, our group was split into two tables, and I've made an effort to be a participant of both. It would appear to me that the atmosphere is a part of the purpose, as opposed to individuals merely craving for good food.

Money wise, the two combined events had a spending of only a measley $170. There will be many more events to come that involve great food.