United by Culture

The Hong Kong Student Society of MIT brings together Hong Kong students from different backgrounds to share opportunities, promote our culture, and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and academic engagement.

Promoting Cultural Traits

With the intricately intertwined cocktail of cultures that belong to Hong Kong, official events and unofficial interactions are held throughout different times during the year. While there are more traditional Chinese festives such as Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival which are sparsely celebrated in the United States, our organization also values the small urban formalities that shape Hong Kong today. These smaller aspects include but are not limited to the occasional Dim Sum, critiquing trending political news, karaoke, etc.

Our Basis

Like all student organizations, the MIT Hong Kong Student Society was founnded off a constitution and regulated by elected officers. Click one of the buttons below to find out more.

Academic Collaboration

    By carrying students across different academic disciplines, our society often finds difficult scholarly questions answered by each other through surprise. As much as HKSS acts as a cultural and social platform, countless academic interactions also take place, forming chances for interdisciplinary work as well as building comeradeship. As our student base expands towards more disciplines it may be very possible for Startup companies to be formed within our organization.

Powered by Interpersonal Interactions

The adhesive between our students is none but the social aspect of this organization. Both cultural and academic events are hosted on the basis of the underlying social interaction, an element of our organization that fuels all purposes. Click on the albums below to find out about our most recent social events.

2017 Harvard Mixer
2017 HKU Student Tour
2016 Foliage Viewing

Public Calendar

Our organization encourages members to host their own activities, and funding will be allocated when appropriate. This is for the purposes of allowing activities to happen beyond the officers' creativity, as well as for students to express their own interests.

Should there be any students interested or affilates interested in hosting an event or activity, be sure to let any one of our officers know. We will provide you with access information for our Google Calendars. To visit our activities calendar, click on the button below.