Dwindling Size of Organization

By Lawrence Lai

HKSS has continued to see new faces over the last two years, but it appears that a bundle of important members of our organization have left, or are about to leave. There were ex-Officers Gary, Brian, active members such as Siu-on, Alvin, and many more who are about to leave such as Godine, Wang Chi, and Angus that essentially narrow our organization down to two eligible officers. Their names are Lawrence and Alice.

While our organization will remain in size over the next year, it is likely that our numbers will dramatically diminish as most of our current active members will graduate within this time period. Bringing in new blood will be one of the most important missions of our office this year.

On the side where matters aren't bleak, Lawrence and Alice have bright plans of improving HKSS. On Lawrence's mind, he believes that rennovating the website will help alleviate problems of dwindling headcounts through recruitment of new members, with the added benefits of manufacturing potential partnerships who stumble upon our website.

Lawrence also intends to actively contact the aforementioned organizations which may have an interest in HKSS' talents and publicity. One of which he's already contacted is the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, and his following contacts will most likely be other Asian Cultural student organizations.

Meanwhile, Alice strives for higher quality events for HKSS. She would like to bring back the abolished tradition of foliage viewing in October, and is planning on potential gatherings that focus on activities, such as Karaoke and Movie Nights, as opposed to lackluster social gatherings which often involve dinner, but unthemed discussions afterwards.

It would appear too that the times are hard, and the Undergraduate Association was unfortunately unable to allocate a substantial fraction of our applied funding. As our organization's treasurer, Alice seeks to secure alternative funding sources, yet to be determined at this point.

Regardless of the small office size, it is reasonable to speculate that Lawrence and Alice's grand schemes will bring HKSS through another term of prosperity.