UGA Funding Cuts

By Lawrence Lai

A substantial funding of HKSS has been cut. Out of the over ten original planned events, it is likely that we would only be able to host four major events, and leave the others unfunded. We understand this on the Undergraduate Association's behalf that it is not exactly our activities that they do not agree with, but it's more towards the point where they just aren't able to satisfy the needs of anybody fully, and they have taken an approach to fund everybody at a proration.

The lack of funding will likely not defeat the spirit of HKSS. As we face a semester with a trimmed budget, we will be coordinating small events with no food, but instead be bringing specific activities to the table. That way the social aspect of our activities will still be present, and students may choose to order their own food and continue to enjoy nights together.

As for the future, we are currently not sure if the Undergraduate Association will recover in their finances. As a result, Lawrence and Alice will be looking to secure additional sources of funding, potential sources currently under internal discussion.