Recent Changes to the Hong Kong Student Society of MIT

By Lawrence Lai

We've had the Hong Kong government come and present to us about career opportunities, and our audience is continually growing. The organization is changing, and on top of all changes Alice has resigned from the office after six months of hard work.

In a review of all that Alice has done; first, she has maintained great management of finances for our organization over her term. Albeit a small budget size on both quarters that she has served, the fiscal organization that she brought was nonetheless valuable.

Second, Alice was a great contributor in the recruitment of new members. Two of our officers, Joanne and Harriet, along with many other memebers were brought in by the hands of Alice; her departure will permanently leave influential changes to this organization.

Seven has returned to finish this semester off. HKSS is currently in search for a new Treasurer.

Meanwhile, through the Hong Kong Welcomes U Seminar, two additional ramifications take place. First the organization has established a solid relationship with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. We look forward towards working with more collaborators in the future, especially ones as valuable as the HKETO.

Second, this is further pushing the fact that HKSS is no longer exclusively a food distribution club, but a platform centered around Hong Kong culture.