End of the school year, 2016

By Lawrence Lai

I've gotten very lazy about updating the website; a few events have took place, and our last event was a week ago. It doesn't really matter; these articles are of very little archival value; neither do I believe that somebody actually reads them (except for Janice Chui, she's curious like that sometimes).

The end of semester's been extremely busy, and I'm sure the rest of the organization could relate to this. We've had two thesis defenses in the past month (Lee Yin Tat and Godine Chan). I could be pretty sure that Seven's working on his thesis to be defended this summer, Joanne's got a dance show on top of her many other responsibilities, and Harriet's just always busy.

On top of all the mess in this end of the year timeframe, we've had hard working volunteers Janice Chui and Jenny Done helping us out with many aspects of HKSS business.

We were also very glad that Bonnie and Mario were extremely helpful during the preparation of our last event, taking care of the food purchase. It is great pleasure to see that non-officers are aiding the execution of HKSS events.

Over this year we've accomplished a lot; we've found many new members willing to stick around for the future of the organization, gained a lot of publicity, made the organization not just a free food fest. On top of this, I hope that we as an organization have found a unique identity as being an HKSS member.

More to come next year.