Officers Joanne and Harriet

Lawrence Lai

Earlier in the year HKSS was faced with a crisis of being on the verge of losing all members due to the aging of the students of our society. Part of Alice and Lawrence's plan was to recruit more members, and have more officers to work alongside (both of which are in addition to the creation of this website and other publicizing strategies).

This plan is evidently successful upon the enlistment of Joanne and Harriet, two regular attendees, and now committed members of HKSS. More information about the two officers can be found at our officers page.

Joanne will bring order to our organization through managing the website and other administrative roles, whereas Harriet brings smoother execution to our events. With a bigger team, we will continue to host great events at a higher frequency and better quality.

Our next main objective will be to find more sources of secure funding. HKSS has had stray sources as of late, but with the continually dropping numbers from ASA, our organization's funds might not exactly be conducive towards our event hosting, and thus, all of our members' health and well being.